Duck Creek Software
Duck Creek Software is a suite of Property & Casualty Insurance software solutions that supports a full range of capabilities, from underwriting, policy administration and agent support to rating, billing and claims. It is designed to work independently or as a combined suite to manage all aspects of the P&C insurance lifecycle.

Accenture acquired Duck Creek Software as a strategic move to signal to the insurance industry that they not only had the right talent to consult with businesses, but also the digital tools and software to help execute on those solutions.

With this acquisition, Accenture needed a new identity for the suite of products to work with in tandem with the Accenture brand identity, but still have a unique entrepreneurial voice that did not alienate the customer base of current Duck Creek users. We came up with a solution that embraced the unusual name and not steer away from it, as initially thought. We created a suite of ducks to represent each software solution, using the angularity of the Accenture ‘greater than’ symbol to create each form and color code them using the Accenture color palette. We also developed a set of icons to represent each solution to be used online and in collateral pieces.

The solution is dynamic, created a unique identity for the product, but stayed true to the Accenture visual language.
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