Massive Party
Every year, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) holds a must-go-to event to raise funds for the gallery’s ambitious exhibitions and education programs.  During the night, guests enjoy a night filled with food, cocktails, dancing and unforgettable art installations, all inspired by that year’s theme. 

For 2009, the theme was Massive Uprising! This celebrated the inaugural year of the AGO’s new renovation by Frank Gehry, in a way, the first rising of a Gehry building anywhere in Canada. Guests encountered a variety of protests throughout the evening as part of the Massive Uprising theme. Fake riot police was on hand to quell the uprising and keep the peace, artist installations all conveyed a show of strength and dominance, and party goers were inspired to make love, not war.

The overall look and feel was inspired by Russian constructivism with the powerful use of red and bold typography. We also commissioned  illustrator Doug Fraser to create an illustration that evoked that time period, but putting a spin on it and have the protesters holding up martini glasses instead of weapons. All in keeping with the tone of the party.
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